You could be a fit for one or more such roles, choosing the activities and tasks that best suit you, while also developing your own personal brand and identity as an UMBassador within the crypto and blockchain space.

Umbrella Network is excited to announce the launch of our Global UMBassador Program! To continue the growth of our global Umbrella Network community, we are establishing an UMBassador Program to help us on our mission to promote awareness and educate the broader community about Umbrella Network’s oracle solutions.

“We are…

We have made some adjustments to our Staking portal and existing Rewards Programs, so want to give a quick update on those changes and how they will impact users.

From the main webpage, clicking on “Stake” will now take you to a main staking portal. Our staking options are now…

Umbrella Network Team

Product marketing at Umbrella Network

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